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Do you see young people ill with other maladies, or just Covid now that everything else has been cured?
Again the doctors who are out there( and there are plenty) are they allowed to say kids aren't affected, or do all the docs calling for schools to open know nothing?

Were you against the riots?Are you of the thought that gatherings are bad but riots caused nothing
Is church a killer, but a gathering of a thousand in church for George Cloyd was healthy?
You also said the teacher out here that died with Covid while she was overweight, had Lupus and Diabetes and Asthma, so honestly I take your opinion with a grain of salt.
Maybe you can talk down to most on here, but not me, sorry, congrats your a doctor, I respect it, but I've had a great career, so leave the condescending to the weed smokers living check to check.
Again the data shows it doesn't adversely affect young healthy people, there are always one offs, but if you are saying this is deadly to young people you 're wrong.

If I'm part of this nonsense semi lockdown, where a reused cloth mask is saving everyone from the killer with a 99.6 recovery rate, then as I hear all the time, lets follow the science and data,.

Do any of the physicians you share stories with think school should open, and that young people aren't affected?
Or are they not alliwed in that group
Hahahhaha Gish galloping clown. What a response!

"I've had a great career." Trump Jr over here.