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First, I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. Blood clotting issues are unfortunately common. I hope you're still on blood thinners and if you're not please make sure to talk to a hematologist near you to discuss if this makes sense.

And yes, most of the cases now being diagnoses are young people. Most don't get very ill. Some do - the ones that do tend to survive now (because we now have better idea of how to manage these patients than we did when NY got hit). Some unfortunately are living with persistent lung injury due in part to pulmonary infarcts (dead lung tissue after diffuse blood clots in the pulmonary arteries). Not to get too much into the weeds but when you have dead lung tissue you develop something called a perfusion mismatch - meaning you're supplying good blood to areas of the lung that can't get oxygen. This leads to a person becoming functionally less well oxygenated and leads to a lot of health problems. It remains to be seen if this will improve fully with time.

In any case, stay safe and I hope your overall health continues to improve.
yup yup.. they have me on 20mg of xeralta forever now... so all should be good.