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. I hope you actually have a vote here. I would love to hear who you would pick.
It's a list, not a random question.

If I participate after that awful #2 pick it means I consider that this is a legit list of any sort. I just cannot take this seriously and cannot participate in something that aggregates based on something that was off to a terrible start and cannot be rectified anyway.

Larry Bird being #6 is another one.

How can you ask me to vote on some list that will have me select someone like Barkley, Tmac, Walton, Grant Hill and Isiah Thomas as having an inferior peak to Kawhi freaking Leonard, while Kobe and Wade are still out there.
The list is outrageous, the participation is too low and there's no actual discussion going on about who and why should get picked apart from some random one on one (both members and about one player each) that is irrelevant and rarely to the actual point. Which is peak.

Maybe if you didn't feel that you've started some great "official" list that is going to be a point of reference in the future I wouldn't have bothered opening it and wanting to punch my eye sockets out seeing the results.