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    a Chuck Fletcher appreciation (?) thread

    We aren't crawling. We are going backwards. At best, we are getting stuck in the mud. No move we have made has been abysmal, but instead, have all been marginally bad or mediocre to date. We may not die from a Taylor Hall/Adam Larsson trade, but we're trending in the "death by a million paper cuts" direction.
    Overall, the Flyers haven't made a single move under the Fletcher regime that at the outset felt "good". Every trade, every coaching hire...they've all been under the "well it could have been worse" guise. Or "well if things go perfectly it might be alright". I'm just upset that the team seems to have no desire to either be creative or solve problems in interesting ways. I feel like the team isn't taking steps into a new era of Flyers hockey when they absolutely should be.
    Fletcher hasn't screwed us royally. But he's done everything to make this an "okay" team. Are we probably a PLAYOFF team? Sure. Probably. But right now, 50+% of the league makes the playoffs. That's not a good standard. The issue is that the team has no concept to date of what makes you a contender. Fletcher had this same issue in Minnesota. He's doing it again. Retread coaches. Mediocre players. Oh boy.
    Chuck Fletcher isn't a disaster in the sense that he's going to make a franchise crushing trade. He's a bad GM because he's unable to do anything but be "fine". And the the thing is; the Flyers have the young assets to be a ****ing great franchise. And he's going to piss it away.
    Fletcher is a TERRIBLE GM. What an awful human.
    Fletcher being Fletcher....A dumbass is as a dumbass does....

    This team is going to be mired in medicority as long as Fletcher, Holmgren, and Comcast are pulling the stringgs
    There's no excuse to make bad trades. I'm done with Fletcher.

    It's time to start the #FireFletcher bandwagon, and I'm leading the train. Chucky Two Trades needs to go.
    I've been driving this bus since day 1. I ****ing hate him. This sucks. This is pitiful

    ...and there's a lot more, if you want to look for it.

    i'm not gonna force anyone to drink the kool aid, or appleagize, or anything like that, but i do think, at this point, it's important for everyone to acknowledge a hard truth: chuck fletcher has earned the benefit of your doubt.

    for now.
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