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    Quote Originally Posted by smood999 View Post
    Firing Hinkie was the mistake. He should’ve been allowed to see everything through. Brand ruined everything.
    *Colangelo ruined everything, and then Brand set it on fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadyOne View Post
    Absolutely brutal. Knew that was a mistake the second they did it
    In an ironic twist, wouldn't be surprised to see Miami go hard after Embiid this offseason.

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    Embiid stock is worthless...

    1. Has 3 more seasons ($29M-$33M) owed.

    2. Has played less NBA games than Porzingis

    3. Poor conditioning.

    4. Doesn't suit the modern game.

    Miami would be wise to sign Ibaka, whom Toronto cannot afford to re-sign but could be signed at a reasonable price. Also, Gallinari who wants to go to a contender would be tempted to take less to go further.

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