I mean, Dirk Nowitzki had Josh Howard as his sidekick in 2006 and Jason Terry in 2011... I'm not going to say Dirk didn't have ANY help, but compared to Durant and Wade, Dirk had hot garbage and was able to win a ship. He really should have 2x ships, taking the ship the refs gave Wade in 2006.

Let's not forget 2006 is arguably one of the most infamous NBA Finals, right there with the LA/Kings Finals. It later came out post 2006 that refs would bet on games. The ref who SERVED TIME for his misconduct even EXPLICITLY stated that the 2006 Finals were rigged. Wade's 2006 performance has a huge asterisk next to it. It's not his fault ref's cheated and gave them the trophy, but it doesn't mean he is worthy of the accolade either.

If we are talking raw numbers, then this is a very primitive vote. If we are taking CONTEXT into account as well as impact and raw figures, then Dirk should probably be the guy.