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    Covid-19, corona virus, the rona check in

    Hey guys I wanted to check in and see how everyone is holding up. I know this might be hot button for some but nonetheless I thought I'd ask what you guys really thought of all this sh!+.

    Some states shut down like us here in California, others did nothing. I'd appreciate some thoughts on the whole thing. Is it politically motivated? Is it simple science? do you personally know someone who has it... and when I say that I mean the whole ventilator thing. Are thing really bad in your area?

    Personally here in Cali, I know of no one who has it. None of my friends know anyone who has had it. Our governor shut down restaurants and bars for the second time and it sucks. Schools may be 100% distance learning this fall. Nothing is open to do for fun. It sucks hard. You guys know we have 4 kids in our household and staying at home is rough for them. Everything kid related was or is closed. At it's peak I heard these crazy numbers that 200k were going to die in a two week span, then nothing happened.

    Now I'm hearing/reading that it's nothing more than a common cold? If you have lung issues or upper respiratory issues, elderly or live with elderly... stay home, you get a pass. But if the demographics say you can work, then why not let us work? They literally shut down the real estate market for a few weeks because of it. It feels like fear mongering.

    I haver some friends from NY (though they haven't been there in years) saying they has refrigerated trucks storing bodies of the deceased because the morgues are so packed. I honestly don't know what to believe.

    Some friends say follow the money, others say it's a deliberate attempt to kill Trumps re-election. I have zero clue. We can't go to church but Home Depot, and Walmart are okay?

    I don't get it.
    I apologize in advance if any of you are offended by this or if you have lost ones as a result of covid. I'm bored and figured I'd get the two cents of those guys who I trust more than the media.
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