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View Poll Results: Best Suns Squad?

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  • The Big-4 Suns (2005)

    1 100.00%
  • The Nash/Marion/Diaw Suns (2006)

    0 0%
  • The Big-3+D Suns (2007)

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  • 7 Sec. or Shaq Suns (08-09)

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  • The Fun Loving Suns 2010

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    Jun 2007

    Which version of the S.S.O.L. Suns was best?

    Which of the Nash led Suns was best and which was closest to actually winning it all? I personally think there is one obvious squad but lets run through each season real quick. (I want to track Tim Duncans stats against them throughout the years as well.. for some reason )

    2005 (62 Wins): Year One of the D'Antoni experiment, they sport 4 All-Star caliber talents in the starting lineup and one good 6th man scorer, but they have absolutely no depth outside of that or size to help defensively so they're very top heavy and it suffered greatly when members of the Big-3 werent out there, particularly Nash. That lack of depth wound hurting them after Joe Johnson wrecked his face, they lost 4-1 to the Spurs but they did beat the Mavs, a nice win for Nash against his former team. (Timmy averaged 27-14-3-2 with 123 O-RTG)

    2006 (54 Wins): The team lost Amare for the year and was forced to trade Joe Johnson, but in doing so they were able to make moves to add more depth, size and defense as they waited for Amares return. Boris Diaw was a revelation as the leagues most improved player. They wound up losing in the WCF to the Mavs in 6. (Every teams starting PF destroyed them)

    2007 (61 Wins): Amare is back with an improved jumpshot, team isn't as explosive offensively but with Kurt Thomas and Raja Bell on board, they are better equipped for the post season defensively. There were controversial suspensions but they pushed the Champion Spurs to 6 games in the WCSF. (Timmy averaged 27-14-1-4 with 119 O-RTG, so they prolly defended him abit better)

    08/09 (55Wins/46Wins): I wanted to bunch these 2 together cuz its fair to say these Suns were in transition to returning to their former glory. But I did want to say something, contrary to popular belief Shaq did not slow the Suns down. It was Kerr and his decision to fire D'Antoni and bring in Porter that slowed the Suns down. When Alvin Gentry returned, he installed the 7 seconds or Shaq offense as it was known and it was a beautiful thing to watch with the highest pace rating of their entire tenure. Amare was having a career year in 08 but got injured in year 2 of the experiment as the Suns narrowly missed the playoffs.

    They lost to the Spurs 4-1 in R.1 but it was a closer series than that imo. (Timmy averaged 25-14-3-2 on 108 O-RTG, his production with Shaq on the court was even lower so his addition had its intended effect when Kerr traded for him, they just weren't fully meshed yet IMO)

    2010 (54 Wins): Nash is aging but still producing offensively at peak levels, Amare is beginning to show signs of decline but this squad is known as the closest nit group with the best chemistry of all the other options, everyone knew and accepted their role. Veterans like Grant Hill and Jason Richardson were experiencing career highs in offensive efficiency. The depth was quality as well, they still had Barbosa but Dudley, Rolo and the Dragon all contributed and injected some youth to the fold. They finally beat the Spurs but lose in the WCF to the Champion Lakers in 6 after Artest recovered a Kobe airball to seal the series.

    (Duncan averaged 20-10-3-3 on 112 O-RTG but he was getting up there in age by now)

    So which Suns squad was best? Which was closer to actually winning a chip given the comp?
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    A simple statistical profile of each team in the RS, Im looking at ORTG and DRTG relative to their league, a negative defensive number is better.

    Year - Rel. ORTG - Rel. DRTG 
    2005        +8.4        +1.0
    2006        +5.3        -0.4
    2007        +7.4        -0.1 
    2008        +5.8        +0.6
    2009        +5.3        +3.3
    2010        +7.7        +2.6
    Havent accounted for the Shaq trade nor the Alvin Gentry hire in the Shaq Suns so keep that in mind.

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    Aug 2008
    They lost to the absolute peak of the Spurs' big three, but the 2005 Suns with young Johnson are clearly the most talented. They could have gone further if Nash was more willing to take open threes. He attempted only nine threes in five western conference finals games and made only two. Quentin Richardson, by comparison, shot 24 and made nine. Nash has even admitted he should have shot more. It's the story of his career.

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