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    Quote Originally Posted by 1908_Cubs View Post
    I have an issue with what Kelly did on so many levels.
    1) Ignoring everything else, Kelly, was not on the Dodgers in 2017
    2) Ignoring everything else, Kelly was on a team who was punished for cheating. He has no moral high ground to start yelling at Correa like he does
    3) Get over it. It was literally years ago. It's done. Throwing at a guy now doesn't change what happened in 2017. You don't get a bonus run in the WS then for every Astro you hit now.
    4) Guys are going to get hurt. Get over it before someone legitimately is hurt.

    End result, Joe Kelly can get bent as much as the Astros from 2017 and everyone else who feels the need to consistently drag this out, throw at guys, and who can't move the hell on. Stop being the bitter ex-boyfriend. She cheated on you, she was a bad person. Maybe she still is. Maybe she feels bad and really won't do it again. It honestly doesn't matter any more, she's out of your life. Stop texting her at 3am "**** off". It's done. Go find a new girlfriend and let her get on with her life, too.

    Play baseball in 2020. Stop trying to change the past by throwing baseballs at guys today.
    1) Nobody in baseball had to be on that team to be pissed off. But it is worth mentioning that I believe the Red Sox lost to the same cheating Astros in the ALDS.

    2) Sure. Not all cheating is the same. The level the Astros cheating went to was on another planet from what everyone else is known to have done.

    3) Don't think that's fair at all. People are allowed to be pissed.

    4) Agreed. Don't like throwing at anyone.

    Just completely disagree with the second to last paragraph . A lot of people got ****ed over in that. They have every right to be pissed. If we had lost to Cleveland in 2016 and we found out later they cheated their way to the championship, I'd NEVER be able to let that **** go.
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