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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgerdave View Post
    Chris Taylor should be playing everyday at 2B. Forget about Kike.
    Agreed about Kikť, but I think we also need to get Lux some reps before the games matter. We know what Kikť brings to the table and he should be firmly planted on the bench in the playoffs.

    These guys should be firmly planted in every starting lineup...

    Betts, Bellinger, Seager, Muncy, Smith, Taylor, Turner, Pollock...

    That means the last lineup spot is between Kike, Joc, Rios, and Lux.

    Lux is the bat I trust most of those four, but he only has two games to prove heís ready.

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    Lux has done basically nothing. I'd rather have Barnes/Smith splitting DH/Catching duties. At least Barnes is getting on base at a decent clip .250/.350/.320 maybe if there is a RH pitcher you DH with Rio's or Joc.

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    Smith is looking like a young Buster Posey more and more everyday. Not as good defensively but offensively he is very patient and puts the ball in play.

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