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    2020 Off-Season Thread

    Discuss the draft, trades, free agency and other off-season news

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    While I have been steady fast in saying the Hawks should keep there young players and picks, unless the names on the other side are The Greek Freek or Anthony Davis, itís time to add another name to that list.

    With Rumors of Ben Simmons becoming available, he is a damn near perfect fit for the Hawks. He can defend 4 positions at an elite level, he can run the offense, slash the lanes, Rebound, and heís the correct age to fit with this group. Heíd allow Trae to play more off ball which should make him more efficient as he wonít have to do as much. The one thing he doesnít do well is shoot, however there have been signs of that improving.

    A trade is only likely if Ball is available with our pick. Iíd offer that pick and Hunter, and maybe future picks. I wouldnít put Cam or Huerter in the deal. Or the Hawks could take Horfordís contract and negotiate a buyout? That does make me wonder if Philly would rather have a Collins for Horford swap in a Simmons trade than the draft pick If Ball is unavailable? That might be a beautiful thing for the Hawks if they truly have concerns over extending Collins.

    By the way Iím not insinuating Horford is trash or anything. Just that his contract is very bad and he doesnít fit in Philly. Even in taking Horford contract, the Hawks could still maneuver to make room for a max contract. If that trade where yo happen would AD not be interested in playing for a team that could put this on the floor....
    Reddish/ Huerter
    Capela/Horford/ Dedmon ( who will be dealt likely to create room)
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    How in God's name did we get Davis? Collins? Why can't we keep him? No, nothing like Davis but still potential star player. I don't know what we should do after we sitting at 6 spot of 1st. I see Reddish opening eyes even more this year. So underrated. I can see the guy putting up 20-6-6 numbers per game. Hunter, I do have question but he is good defensively, which we desperately need. 3-D player out of him would be great. Young having both Capela and Collins create a loaded weapon in his hands while Reddish can shoot anywhere. The court is widely spread. Still be concern of our D even tho can only improve from last year...

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    Davis is a Free Agent, heís one that every team should give a call. Including the Hawks.

    We can keep John, however they prefer the 4. Collins is also soon to be a FA himself, heís stated he feels heís a max player. I personally donít think the Hawks should give him a max deal.

    I agree with you on Cam. Cam has been my guy since 18í that I wanted for the Hawks. Sky is truly the limit for him, if he wants it. He battled injuries at Duke and the first half of the year with the Hawks, but we all saw what did when healthy at the end of the season. Cam could very well be the best player on this team in a few seasons.

    Hunter as a three and D is nearly a perfect fit. However Iíd be lying if I didnít say I was somewhat disappointed in his rookie season. With his college experience, I thought heíd be further along and make a bigger more immediate impact. That said itís his rookie season and he still has time to develop.

    Iím disappointed in the pick galling to sixth, however we do have the assets to trade up or hopefully Weismann falls to six.

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    Just watching the latest mock NBA drafts on YouTube and this most recent one was uploaded yesterday and in the latest mock draft video I watched, it has the Hawks at #6 drafting Isaac Okoro with their pick

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