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One other thing for me is that Hiura is just such a strange case study guy to me. I was a little skeptical of him coming up. He has a high strikeout/low walk guy. Usually that's not a phenomenal combination. But he did develop more power than I anticipated, so that definitely helps. Before his final season in the minors, I thought he was a 15-20 homer guy. Now he looks like a 25-30 type of guy.

But putting his profile into fangraphs is fascinating. Both big league years he's struck out over 30% of ths time and he's walked under 8% both years. If you fangraphs filter on all hitters with over 400 at bats last year who are over 28% k and under 8% BB rate, the list is small and somewhat uninspiring. Scott Kingery seems like the closest comp to him from last year. Hiura has more pop, but kingery provides more defensive value. 2018 doesn't provide any really better comps. Perhaps Harrison Bader with some more pop.

But the challenge with him was his BABIP was absurdly high last year. This year, it's been really low. Realisitically, he settles in somewhere in the middle, but even with a 0.320-0.350 BABIP range, he's probably a 0.260/0.325/0.490 type of slash line. That's far from bad, but for a guy who is a below average defender, that's not a superstar. I think he can function as a 2/5 hitter, and if our lineup dictates (ie we get another high quality lefty bat), he could maybe hit 3 between yeli and another big bat.

And that's part of the reason I really think we need another big time hitter. I'm not fully sure we can trust hiura to be a full time middle of the order bat. He'd be a phenomenal 5 hitter, but we don't have the farm or cash to find 2 guys to hit 2/3/4 with Yeli to allow hiura to hit 5th.
It kind of stinks Stearns picked this year to construct this offensive horror show. Sogard, Holt, Smoak, Narvaez, etc. Narvaez is a puzzling case to completely lose it, but the rest is pretty big misses. Instead of signing a bunch of lottery tickets hoping to hit, should have just signed a Castellanos with an opt-out like the Reds did. This is a year a non-great team can win it all. But, the bright side is not much is coming back and should have $$$ (but of course the no fans has done who knows what to Brewers spending in offseason).

This team has some nice bones as mentioned above. I really think a Hader deal could really help this team and a middle of the order bat as crewfan has said. I would love for this team to find a 3B or 1B. Sad they gave up on Aguilar. He is having a very nice season with the Marlins who have a ton of former Brewers/Brewers prospects. Rooting for them.