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    Quote Originally Posted by LaVar Ball View Post
    I feel Magic told uncle dennis to tell the Lakers to F off. Think Magic gave Kawhi's camp all the Lakers FO dirt and dissuaded him from joining the Lakeshow.
    Doc, PG13, A owner with Money, Clippers non existing Championship history, A team of your own is hard to turn down. Lakers were the back up plan. If Lebron was not there Lakers might have been 1st option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ldawg View Post
    Both did an ok job nothing creative. Magic was a high risk taker and cleaned house. Rob signings were good but not great. I give both Magic and Rob a B. Magic lost points for being to emotional his draft choice and letting players with value walk for nothing. Rob lost points for not moving on when it became clear Kawhi was not signing and given up to much in the Davis trade.

    I wont hold what happen next over thier head base on how it plays out. Its up to the team to win they did thier part even if they could have done better. They were both new to this, the coaching staff and the players are all new as well.
    They're both held accountable for what happens here on out, every player on the team is through them.

    LBJ is to be held 100% accountable for this season. I don't think anyone would say that AD wasn't gonna go to the Lakers this off season in free agency, all's we had to do was wait a season. LBJ didn't want to wait so we traded everybody (except Kuzma) and practically every draft pick for AD to come this season. So IMO they have to win the championship this season. We didn't give up the package that we did for next seaon.

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