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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Tell that to Foles.
    Maybe he's better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zookman65 View Post
    Jerry done ****ed up by not concentrating on getting Dak done before Zeke (my god that was stupid) and others. He could have got Dak done a year and half ago for far less.
    He did. People act as if the Jonesí have refused to offer Dak a contract. Dak changed his demands. Reports were they had verbally agreed to a deal just before the 2019 season opener but then they won the first 3 games and Dak looked great in those wins. He and his agent then increased their demands. Then I have no doubt that Dakís demands have changed again with the Mahomes contract. Now donít get me wrong, the Jonesí could have resolved this issue already if they really wanted to but itís not as if they hasnít tried to sign Dak. At least once they have offered him a contract that would have made him the highest paid player in the league (until the Mahomes deal).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zookman65 View Post
    Ridiculous. I know most dont believe in numbers and analytics but Zeke hardly adds anything to win percentage and nowhere near as valuable as Dak. You guys are nuts
    Well, I agree that Dak is more valuable than Zeke, but the real question is if Dak is multiple times more valuable than Andy Dalton, for example.

    That aside, I've yet to see analytics that account for the effect the running game has on the passing game, or vice versa. Obviously the per play efficiency of passing is much higher, but why aren't defenses playing in dime formation all the time, if the best way to win was to stop the pass?

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