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I understand your points, because you keep repeating them:

Modern basketball sucks
LeBron isnít that good
Stats are useless

All bad points. And itís not a faction of hive minds, we donít all believe the same thing. You want to lump everyone who uses stats in the same category when in reality the only thing they have in common is they are not luddites like you that ignore stats to maintain your hatred of modern basketball
That is very inaccurate. Apart from Lebron not being that good. That is true. Lebron is "not that good" when you claim he's GOAT or anywhere near the top 5. That's fact. He's the best player of the 2010s, but he's not the best player since the turn of the millennium with Duncan, Shaq and Kobe being above him.

Anyway, I'll let you discuss with MoreThanMost, explaining to him why you cannot only use stats why the "eye test" doesn't suck balls.