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Actually LeBron warps the floor more than Kobe.

Now how does the discussion proceed? I think LeBronís basketball skills worp the floor more than Kobeís, you think the opposite. We cannot use anything objective to measure it. So how do we proceed? Is it just whoever yells their opinion is right louder or?
No, we can proceed to discuss why we believe that. There isn't going to be a definitive answer even with statistics. It's okay to not have a definitive answer. I think that's a lot of what the crux of the issue here is that a lot of you don't like the ambiguity of not knowing for sure and you think that using analytics provides some sense of certainty. We don't know for sure either way. There are things we can look at that might provide insight into who warps the floor more, such as how other teammates perform, offensive rebounds, easy second chance points, which might help inform the question better, but the best way to go about it is taking a dynamics systems approach. I've acknowledged that we don't know what the outcome would be if we looked at the data like this. Maybe LBJ its shown to warp the floor more, in which case I would be wrong...and that's okay. My point about stats though is that the present approach is simply not appropriate for assessing what we want to assess.

This is a basketball forum though so let's actually discuss basketball and support our positions with references to basketball. It's okay if we don't agree, we certainly don't have to and there's nothing wrong with that.