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Black people are 4x more likely to be killed by a cop than white people, that is an ENORMOUS problem
Did anybody say it wasn't a problem? I just said think that calling what is probably less than 20 events a year a "murdering black people at high rates". It's just hyperbole that doesn't help the issue.

We see and hear a lot of hyperbole around this issue right now when it's hot, but I've seen VERY little progress toward reasonable solutions. I heard earlier today that DC's mayor who was so "supportive" that she posed for pictures in protests and had huge BLM painted on city streets, the things she did for the PR, also has had a bill on her desk for weeks that bans the police use of tear gas on the people and she hasn't signed it ... they gassed more people last night. The PR side is a lie, what they do is the truth, and the truth is that they STILL don't care.

No bills to remove mandatory minimums, no bills to remove 3 strikes, no bills to legalize drugs, no bills to build more, smaller, community police stations, no bills to stop funding the police with federal money, no bills to stop selling discount military equipment to police, no bills to stop the seizure laws, no bills to stop letting police raise money for the city with fines, no bills to make prisons focus on rehab over punishment, no bills to require police training to go up dramatically. I can go on and on ... it's just talk. Even what the city council of Minneapolis did, it was just talk of a "plan" and that plan was to "talk to the communities". No real action. Some groups have taken action but they are all minor and in the form of discontinuing using the police as a private security force, but that without the other things just means they will have to double down on abusing their power to get more money out of the public to make up for the loss of those contracts.