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let her keep putting Lana through and table and it could happen. I mean one misstep with that somoan drop onto a table and she is going to do some damage.
Yeah, I don't get why Lana is being punished because her husband went to AEW?

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It is not because lack of trying. Not just her botches but who they were against is my problem. Nia's botches are a major problem, but she has been reckless with Bayley, Charlotte (remember Nia failing to catch Charlotte on a moonsault attempt), Becky, Bliss, these are the top women talent in the company that she is trying to get injured.

I would hate to see a legitimate talented performer get seriously injured by Jax before Nia is "future endeavored" by the company.
Sounds like she has a jealousy problem which still would make no sense since her family has a big wrestling heritage background. Why would she need to be jealous of other women? Her cousins The Rock or Reigns could go to Vince and say Vince I believe my cousin Nia should be the top Woman of the company I'm sure Vince would give her a push. I believe Vince is afraid to say no to certain people especially those that bring in business.
Remember when The Rock started doing movies he had to get permission from Vince because the Rock was still a top draw, now 18+ yrs later whenever he makes special appearances fans go crazy so why wouldn't Vince let Nia do what she wants? The more people related to The Rock join the company the more money they bring in.