With the talk of the "Best Match Ever" Between Edge and Randy Orton, and going back and looking at old matches during this corona lockdown, and to get some action back in the wrestling section, I came up with a 16 match tournament to decide a "best match ever". This does not have to be best in ring, it can be impactful moments, emotional moments, moments that changed the business....etc.

The most famous match in wrestling history that everyone knows. Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan. 93000 at WM3 watched history. Non a classic move wise, but hype wise, none better? It launched WWE and wrestling to the next level.



One of the most hyped matches of the last decade. The Summer of Punk, would he leave or not lead up to a title match against John Cena. In Chicago, the most partisan crowd made a entrance for Punk, and the moves and a bit of drama made this one a classic.



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