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  • Mankind vs The Undertaker HIAC Match

    1 100.00%
  • Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Ladder Match WM10

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    Feb 2007

    PSD mens "Best Match Ever" Tournament (3) Mankind/Taker vs (14) Razor/HBK

    With the talk of the "Best Match Ever" Between Edge and Randy Orton, and going back and looking at old matches during this corona lockdown, and to get some action back in the wrestling section, I came up with a 16 match tournament to decide a "best match ever". This does not have to be best in ring, it can be impactful moments, emotional moments, moments that changed the business....etc.

    One of the most famous matches in history. Of course this match is known for Mankind going of the cage, through the cage, it was something never seen before. It made Mick Foley a legend and hall of famer. The chaos, JR's calling, and the never quit attitude of Mick Foley made this a match even non fans know of somewhat.


    The first ladder match in WWE that made a star of Shawn Michaels and cemented the fact that Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall could wrestle. It started what ladder matches would become.
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    The history of Taker/Mankind is too much in this one.
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