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View Poll Results: Which version of Shaq would be better in modern ball?

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  • Baby Shaq

    2 100.00%
  • Fat Shaq

    0 0%
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    Modern Ball: "Baby Shaq" or "Fat Shaq"?

    Which version of Shaq would dominate more in today's league? "Baby Shaq" wasn't as physically dominant as "Fat Shaq", but he was supernaturally agile when he was thin. Would the physically more dominant Shaq still be the better version of Shaq (Laker version), or would a slimmer and more agile Shaq make him more dominant just in a different type of way?

    Let's also assume that Baby Shaq has the same basketball IQ/knowledge as Fat Shaq.
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    either but def baby shaq... fat shaq isnt needed in todays sport

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    If BBIQ is the same for each then I'll go with Baby Shaq. If IQ stayed with the player then I'd go with Fat Shaq. Shaq developed some solid moves and also became a really good passer out of the post.
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    In a pick and roll league it might actually be baby Shaq. Pretty sure either Shaq would still dominate though.

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