I saw rocket talking about Cam Newton and thought it might be fun for everyone to share their favorite player(s) from college here. You know since there is not much else going on!

I'll start with my favorite Lions player in college:
He wasn't a great Lion, but Mike Williams. Dude was awesome at USC. The guy looked unstoppable and that USC run alone was incredible (this was prior to the SEC takeover). I had just started to really watch CFB outside of Michigan at that point (2002-2003) so I got to see other team's great players and he was great. So when we drafted him I was excited. He was going to be our dominate WR. Oops. Lucky we got it right a few years later.

Non-Lions college player:
Vince Young. What he did to USC in the National Championship I cannot forget. Non-Michigan fans might not remember but Vince Young did the same to Michigan the year before. Dude was just unstoppable in the air and on the ground. Definitely a fun player to watch.