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    Quote Originally Posted by Plague View Post
    Who do you predict will win the division?

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    I think this team is between 5-9 wins and it depends on just how good Flores is as a coach and the QB play. I expect Fitz to continue to play well enough but I also wouldn't be surprised to see him fall back down to earth.

    But personally I see no reason why this team can't produce a winning season. Whats Flo's excuse? If Fitz and the offense sucks thats a direct reflection on him. He brought in Gailey specifically to make it easier for young players to pick it up right away, and of course its an offense Fitz knows well enough. I don't expect the offense to be incredible, but it has upside in the passing game and the run game should be able to produce 100 ypg.

    And of course there is NO EXCUSE for the defense to be good. This defense is built exactly how Flo wants it to be. We should have one of the best man to man secondaries in the NFL, and the front 7 should be physical enough to handle the run. I know we don't have elite pass rushers but you have enough versatility to match what Flo wants so he can scheme up enough pressure.

    I dont think its a failure if the team doesn't hit 9 wins. The main goal is to show a consistent team on a week to week basis. As long as they do that they can add the neccessary playmakers 2021 to take an average team to above average. But if the Steelers could go 8-8 last year and almost sneak into the playoffs with that terrible offense, I dont see why this team cant.

    Welcome Back Sweet Prince

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    Quote Originally Posted by KodytheKing View Post
    Texans first seven games are against KC, BAL, PIT, MIN, JAX, TEN, and GB.

    Thank you for the picks Laremy.
    I'm gonna love rooting against the Texans...

    Vegas has the Texans as a bottom feeder... Potentially 2 top 10 picks in 21'...
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    "I've never been scared of contact. Now I get to bring it, that's what I love to do, so I'm going to bring it."

    Reggie Lewis


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    10-6 or 11-5

    Calling it now☝️

    Tampa vs Miami in SuperBowl 😁

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