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    Rest in Peace-Don Shula

    I grew up watching Don Shula teams and for a large part of the Raiders history (especially in the early 1970's) they along with the Steelers were our biggest post season rival.

    Couple of fun facts. From September 16, 1972 to September 23, 1973 Miami went a year without a loss until the Raiders beat them in week 2. Shula didn't win a Dolphins-Raiders game on the west coast until 1988.

    Don Shula thought the Raiders got the shaft with the tuck rule.

    What I admired the most about Shula aside from his character was how adaptable he was as coach. The early 1970's Dolphins probably had the greatest running attack in NFL history. In 1984 Miami's passing attack was up to that point the most prolific in league history. From Csonka to Marino-Shula coached to the talent of his players.

    My favorite Raiders-Dolphis memory? Week 14 1984. We were the defending world champs and Miami was the eventual AFC Champs. The Raiders and Dolphins engaged in a epic shoot out. The game saw a Mike Haynes pick 6 of Dan Marino. Dave Casper caught his last touchdown as a Raider. We escaped the Orange Bowl with a 45-34 win.

    Alazado and Howie were in Marino's face all game but he still ripped a very good Raiders defense for 470 passing yards.

    Hate to see a good one pass but I have great memories of Shula and the Miami Dolphins. They were honorable adversaries.

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    Shula coached against George Halas, who was present at the founding of the NFL.

    The only coach still active that Shula coached against? Belechick and Shula was 2-0 against him.

    RIP Don....
    The Second protects the First, always has and always will...

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    Class act all the way. Just hated to go against him in the playoffs. I think we beat him just once...the sea of hands, and that's it. One of the best HC's ever.

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    One of the best coaches of all time. Great competitor, much respect. RIP

    "...prone to stoogery.".

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