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Ok, let me paint a picture for you because you still just don't seem to grasp a very key concept here.

So the OP mentions that we go to 13-3 and the NFCCG with a 10-6 talent level. Going into the year or even watching during the season, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that really thought we were 1 game away from a superbowl in terms of talent. We weren't, so we got lucky that things went as well as they did.

Right there, your expectation is baseless. Expecting that we're right at the door of getting to a title. We're not. We overachieved and are bigtime regression candidates.

But let's suppose the front office really was as clueless as you are about this and did what you think they should've done. Maybe they draft a WR in 1 and 2. Let's just say they did that. And then it plays out like this.

Neither of those receivers makes much of an impact in the first two years. They catch a few balls, sure, but it takes a lot to earn #12's trust. Also over the course of the next two years, Rodgers continues to decline. The defense fails to make any significant jump, finishing no better than 15th in total defense(compared to currently #20 I think). In 3 years you've got a 39 year old, highly overpaid shell of his former self QB. At that point, you have a mediocre defense, young wr's that you still don't really know what they are. Maybe instead of drafting a rb we just paid Jones and his injury issues come back to haunt us. You do all this, and you're still barely getting into the playoffs at best but you're up against the cap because of Rodgers deal and at this point he's no good. Do you keep overpaying the guy through his deal just because you have him? Or do you cut and gut? You went all in on getting a wr in the draft but it didn't make an immediate impact and Rodgers declined some more, and the defense was still average at best. You swore to yourself you were just 1 player away from a superbowl and now you're looking at blowing your whole team up and having to start over.

Listen, I was disappointed myself about this not being a win now draft. Initially, I hated this draft. It's easy to hate right now. The only point I'm trying to make is what it ends up as 4 years from now will tell the story. Have to give it time to play out because any judgement about it right now is just senseless.
On the 13-3 thing, who cares..if GB went 10-6 and still won to get to NFCC game they got there. As crewfan said in another thread..GB is right there with anyone but SF who was clearly the best team in the NFC. THe rest of the teams were right there. So if you are arguably No. 2 in the NFC...why strictly focus on the future when you are a team upsetting SF away from probably going to the SB?

Also, I am not one of those hey DRAFT A WR early guy. I would have liked a Hightower or Proche guy later in the draft but that isn't why I dislike the draft. The draft was deep and had difference makers at multiple positions that would have helped and probably are better players. Could have went Blacklock, Baun or Chinn/Gay Jr at 62 and gotten run stuffing DL and ILB to strengthen defense. Just left a lot to be desired IMO and not just because wasn't a WR.

I am coming around on Dillon. As there was a run on RBs. There was an article on BR https://bleacherreport.com/articles/...re-draft-class that said after Love was the issue...I disagree that it is simply because no WR...it's because the draft was deep at multiple spots that would have helped GB and probably higher upside guys, certainly than Deguara.