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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkieMark48 View Post
    Agreed, I honestly think the win scenario is 4 at most... this team is very bad. I think the defense will be good, but I just dont see us scoring any points
    History is also against a defense going into the top 20 when they change defensive systems like we are, even if you are adding a generational talent like Chase Young (see the Broncos and their change when they drafted Von Miller.)

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    I tend to agree as well. This team is going to be bad. I don't really see the defense transitioning to a new scheme and also becoming great in the same season. The Redskins will also lack some depth in the Secondary IMO. Hopefully the pass rush can mask that, but Kendall Fuller will easily be our best corner and he will likely be in the slot. Sean Davis will have a lot to prove and we know Collins is better in the box. If our pass rush doesn't improve I could honestly see this defense getting torched.

    Looking over our schedule, I would say we might be favored in like 2-3 games at the absolute best. He is hoping for another terrible year and another franchise changing selection next offseason!

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