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    2020 NFL Draft Pick 192 Jon Runyan G Michigan

    Determined and smart, Runyan held his own as a Big Ten tackle despite a lack of desired physical and athletic traits. He's inconsistent taking control into initial engagements, but stays after it and recovers back into the second phase of the block. He plays with high hands that diminish power and control, but that should improve as he slides inside to guard. He has adequate athleticism and body control to fit into a variety of run schemes but may not excel in any. Runyan's protection experience at tackle improves his draft value as a later-round, backup-caliber guard.


    Father was a Pro Bowl tackle
    Very smart and observant pre- and post-snap
    Quick recognition of games by defensive fronts
    Tackle experience is a bonus in pass protection as a guard
    Clamps are quick to cinch and secure if rushers aren't active enough
    Footwork is patient but consistent in-line
    Athletic ability makes him scheme diverse inside
    Determined to stay connected to blocks once he lands
    Takes smart angles to secure blocks


    Needs to play with better suddenness in his hands
    Lands way too high on the frame on down blocks
    High hands diminish leverage and natural strength
    Below average as drive blocker
    Lateral slides feature slightly heavier feet
    Windup needs to be eliminated from his punch
    Needs to throw hands with better timing and force
    Could struggle to mirror edge-to-edge rushers effectively

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    Love this pick, I think he could potentially develop in to RT of the future. But much needed OL depth this year. Along with other picks smart move. Great value pick here. He's going to be an solid NFL talent the question is more so where than if.

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