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Dickerson said he was best in the draft, how is that not a positive comment? I'm sure there are opinions of every nature, that's why i have no issue with yours.

the traded down argument, as if 31 other teams were willing to trade for 43. Can't know that, will never know that. Assuming that wasn't an option, we'll just have to see how those guys plan out. Regardless, getting the guy they want whether first or second or third, why not? better than hoping and not getting. what's the phrase, 1 in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.

I made the same point and it's a good one. Best TE in the draft, at #43, solid to good pick. I'd give it a B, B-. The defense was great last year and yeah there were holes all over, but the most glaring was TE for sure. As Nagy/Pace agree it's essential to this offense.
FWIW.... Pace said himself they had offers to trade down.... but when Kmet and johnson were there they liked them too much and could not pass. I but it on Johnson but i personally think we could have traded down a handful of spots and still got Kmet. Jets and Steelers were the only 2 between 43-50 that may have gone TE. Jets did trade out.... but IMO if nobody jumped us after cutting burton 2 days ago.... I don't think Kmet was that highly coveted. But i could be wrong.