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I know what the Passover is Exodus. Admittedly, I don’t know how Jews celebrate it today.

That lamb in Passover was taken into the house for a week. Looked over and analyzed for blemishes. If none were found, the lamb would be sacrificed and the blood placed on the doorpost.( as you said) That act of sacrificing a lamb, saved Israel from death.

Go beyond the Exodus story. How were the sins of Israel atoned for? And when?
We celebrate it today by telling the the story at a ceremonial dinner called a "Seder." We read from books called the Haggada which tell the story of Exodus. And for the entire week of Passover we dont eat bread or anything with leavening agents in them. Because as we were fleeing from the Egyptans through the dessert, there wasnt time for the dough to rise. We had to eat unleavened bread to survive. So instead of eating bread on Passover, we'll eat Matzoh, or unleavened bread.

Attoning for our sins is another matter. We do that on Yom Kippur by praying and by fasting for 24 hours, and by asking God to forgive us for our sins and also by asking each person in our lives to forgive us for any transgressions we may have committed toward them.

Because in Judaism, thats how we roll.