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    Quote Originally Posted by Vee-Rex View Post
    Real men never take off their shoes. Not to sleep, shower, or bang the chick.
    I do. I also donít tie or untie shoes or use my hands putting them on or taking them off. You know what else I donít do? Go to the grocery store. Get it delivered, Leave it outside for 24 hrs, put on gloves, bring it inside, immediately unpack and disinfect everything, put away, dispose of your gloves, wash your hands, change your clothes, and smoke some pot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raps08-09 Champ View Post
    My dick is named 'Ewing'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goingfor28 View Post
    I went to the grocery store 2 days ago. Wore disposable gloves the whole time I was in there. Threw them away in the garbage when I got outside the store. Put on hand sanitizer when I got in my truck.

    When I got home, came in thru the garage/laundry room, took my shorts and shirt off in the laundry room and threw them into the washer and put on clean clothes I had waiting for me (I'll wash them next time I do a load of laundry). Then washed my hands.

    Used disinfectant wipes and wiped down every single thing I brought in from the store. Wiped down the counter space that items sat on after everything was put away then washed my hands again.

    It's a process lol
    Trust the process

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    how do you guys handle mail? that's definitely the dirtiest **** you touch, it's bathed in sweat and dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronz View Post
    how do you guys handle mail? that's definitely the dirtiest **** you touch, it's bathed in sweat and dust.
    Bring it in w gloves on, just like groceries. In thru the garage. Wipe down each piece with disinfectant wipes and let it air dry. Open it in the garage too since unlike groceries, mail doesn't really need to come inside unless it's a package.

    I'd just assume never get mail. Not just now bc of coronavirus, but in general. It's a waste. 95% of it just gets thrown away without being opened.

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