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    Pay requirements in case your company isn't up to speed.
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    What’s changed for you under quarantine?

    Work is the same as my fiancé and I are considered essential. She’s working from home but I’m in and out of the office. Which isn’t terrible considering like 5 people are in the office at any given time opposed to 40+ normally.

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    One thing that kind of worries me is we’re supposed to get married in October. I feel good about this stopping by then, but my concern would be when it stops. Thankfully we have like 90% of what we need for the wedding but my fear is if something happens to the caterer, photographer, or even guests coming where this tragedy could have effected them in the long run.

    A pretty crazy thing happened in a time like this though. My fiancé’s ex husband (still in our lives because of their child who is in the spectrum- which after 5 years her son is calling me Dad on the regular since a couple weeks ago and that’s pretty awesome {still calls his dad Daddy}) had kidney disease for about 7 years (he’s 34) got a call Sunday that he had a kidney. Got surgery Sunday night and looks to be in good recovery but I’m not sure how that works with the kidney taking or whatever.

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    nothing... in VA my employer is labeled a non-essential businesses, even though federal government just announced we are considered essential. We can still be open, but we can only allow 10 patrons of the business in at a time.

    The way we do business has completely changed. Online curbside up, express personal shoppers for certain departments, registers outside, ect...


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    Nothing besides I can't go to the bar if i wanted to. Im still working cause I work at a grocery store.

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