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    Bears sign OLB Barkevious Mingo to 1 yr deal

    Always loved this guys name.

    Hope he thrives as a rotational pass rusher

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    Upgrade over Lynch I would think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttman73 View Post
    Upgrade over Lynch I would think
    Was just thinking he reminds me of Lynch because of the pedigree coming out of college and now just situational pass rushers. Fresh legs are key to that position the more quality depth the better.

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    Meh. Don't like him as the 3rd OLB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by La_bibbers View Post
    Meh. Don't like him as the 3rd OLB.
    Definitely not ideal. I wonder if pace goes Edge in round 2, or perhaps 3rd or 4th round in a trade down scenario.

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    He had some good seasons in Sea and Indy b4 he got stuck on the bench in Houston.

    He seems surprisingly solid against the run. Has more tackles than Floyd did as a starter for us while only playing 47% in Indy and 52% in Seatle.

    He reminds me alot Floyd myself. an athletic freak who never was able to put it together as a pass rusher.

    I mean if its him vs Lynch im fine moving on from lynch. Gives us a guy off the bench. and who knows right maybe he can learn from mack and Quinn?

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