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    Phins to sign DE Shaq Lawson - 3 years $30M

    The #Dolphins are giving Shaq Lawson a 3-year deal worth $30M, source said. A nice payday.

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    He is good against the run and had a good year last year.

    My biggest worry about these deals is they are both coming off career seasons after being replacement level the year before. That said, if they both play like they did last year, these are solid signings by Miami. Time will tell

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    this is another 'Patriots' style signing. Getting under the radar FA signings that are overlooked. And another signing that they can easily get out of after two years (probably).

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    Mar 2010
    Continues the trend, young mid tier free agents that fit well. Have some flaws and nitpicks but overall solid players.

    I've been a fan of Lawson for awhile. My dads a Bill's fan so I've been able to keep up with him. Hes a solid physical player that will help a lot right away. Hes not the best pass rusher, but PFF credits him with 40 pressures last year.

    I wouldnt say I love the move, but I 100% like it. He alone wont fix the defense but will help create a new identity for the team. Still young enough to develop.

    Welcome Back Sweet Prince

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    I wanted him during his draft year, fits the containment d end we been looking for. great signing

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