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    Quote Originally Posted by _Supreme_ View Post
    Definitely not. Sami is a thousand times more entertaining and Cesaro & Nakamura are a thousand times better in-ring performers. Strowman is just another useless one dimensional big man who has gotten stale at this point Imo.

    Also I donít like the real life person he is so Iíd rather not see him on my screen at all.
    Yeah because of Vince heís always pushing the same crap on Us. How many times is Brock gonna be Champion?
    I wouldnít be all that surprised if Brock wins again at Mania why because heís going Senile.

    Vince to Gronk

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    As long as Lesnar sell tickets Vince will put the belt on him.

    New column on my site dedicated to WWE
    Charlotte Flair For The Gold

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