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You challenged me on "growing pains" and i offered you perspective. I mentioned 16/17 to set up my main point, that to some degree their two best players lack experience and the level of expectations is a little unrealistic. They are closer to the 17/18 season than they are to last year because of who they lost. Butler, in particular, accelerated their build, but they lose him along with Redick the following season. We know that adding Horford was met with some skepticism, especially since it didn't seem like a very good fit and we are now seeing that. Their struggles this season are not that surprising. Try adding some context.
What context is there to add beyond regular season record, seeding results, and playoff outcomes?

I've given a very clear explanation of my litmus test for growth, and you've done essentially nothing to rebuttal this.

It seems you're caught up discussing the career timeline of Embiid and Simmons and their individual development timeline and untapped potential instead of discussing head on what this topic is about which is the team's results (or lack thereof).

To make a simple analogy... If I graduated with my computer science degree and started working with a company. I started off making $30k processing tech support tickets and simply distributing repair requests in year 1. I learned a little bit more and by year 2 I did troubleshooting via phone and email, and still made $30k. By year 3 I was actually repairing computers, tablets and phones, and still made the same $30k salary. Wouldn't I be a fool to tell anyone my career has grown?

What's worse comparing this analogy to the 76ers is I don't even believe individually these guys have grown significantly. Simmons' shooting efficiency has risen while his WS & VORP have consistently declined all 3 seasons in the league. Embiid has improved and now regressed.

Your argument holds no weight.