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And as is usually the case when the Celtics donít turn a highly publicized rumor into a reality, weíre getting a reason why that deal never went through. According to ESPNís Zach Lowe, the Celtics were never really that high on Turner. Boston apparently didnít see him as a very big upgrade to their frontcourt, and was even exploring other deals to trade Turner had the deal with Indiana come to fruition. ďTalking to people and reading the tea leaves as best I could, it really comes down to the Celtics didnít want Myles Turner,Ē Lowe said on The Lowe Post Podcast. ďI did hear from some teams around the league that the Celtics have done some preliminary research on what Myles Turnerís trade value would have been to them had they acquired him either in this deal or in a separate deal, and obviously didnít like what they saw.Ē 3 days ago Ė via CBS Boston @ CBS Local
I don't know why we are not going after Myles Turner right now