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I donít see how itís remotely fair that if this season is cancelled the dodgers get no games with Betts but still have to pay the trade package.

Iím obviously just using that as one example as it was one of the biggest trades. But, how is that fair?
IMO the trade should be reversed if the season is not played at all. I get the Dodgers will still be fine either way, but itís not fair. I would be super pissed if he were traded to the Cubs and we gave up Nico and Betts didnít get to play a single game for us.

It does get difficult looking beyond the Betts trade. Another one that comes to mind is the Brewers and Padres trade... Grisham for Garcia. Service time isnít an issue in that deal because both of those guys clocks just started last season.

Basically I have no idea how this would work, but the Dodgers have every right to be livid if the season is not played.

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