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I really hope they can be if I'm a player I'm absolutely furious.

First they agree to pro-rated salaries and then the owners go back on that.

Now they want to further reduce salaries because times are hard. Well, when times were good they never gave the players extra money. BAMTech sale over the past few years generated billions and the players didn't see a nickle of that.

The owners are being hand over fist greedy here. And they're doing a fairly good job of it. At every juncture they're making it seem the players are the bad guys. "Ooooh the rich players won't pay the minor leaguers". "We're in this together!" When in the end, it's just greed.

People always defend the owners in that "they're the ones that assume a lot of the financial risk". But the second there's actually financial risk, it's the players problem. Oakland refusing to pay their minor leaguers while the eternal penny-pinching Marlins are the first to guarantee payment all year? Yeah, get bent, John Fisher.