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    Astros fans are now suing their own team

    People in general are pissed. I have a feeling there are more lawsuits coming.

    Adam Wallach has turned on his own team and filed a class-action lawsuit that claims the Astros used their electronic sign-stealing scheme to win more games, which led to the team jacking up ticket prices, so he's suing for "inappropriate increases."

    Wallach's official complaint accuses the Astros of “deceptively overcharging (fans) for season tickets while defendants and their employees and representative knowingly and surreptitiously engaged in a sign stealing scheme … and secretly put a deficient product on the field that could result (and now has resulted) in severe penalties."

    The lawsuit asks that the team be ordered to compensate all Astros season-ticket holders for the upcharge in ticket prices from 2017-20 and that the team be forbidden from increasing season-ticket prices for at least two years.

    Naturally, Wallach also wants $1 million in damages.
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    I posted this in the other thread, but there's a long history of fans suing teams and sports leagues:

    As I mentioned in the other thread, a Jets fan tried to sue the Patriots following Spygate, and it was unsuccessful. I feel for that Astros fan, but his case isn't going to end any differently.

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    Anything for a quick buck.

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    **** em.

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