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    Storylines for the second half

    Storylines to look for in the second half prior to the regular season

    1.) 2-6 in the east & 2-7 in the west. Probably the most compelling
    2.) ROY. Can zion do enough to make up for the few months he missed.
    3.) Rockets experiment w/o a C and how successful that will be
    4.) Tank race. 4-10 odds wise are within 4.5 games of each other
    5) Philly. Can they continue their mini hot-streak. And can BB make adjustments or is it the same old ****
    6.) Can the pacers get some momentum w/Dipo
    7.) Dame and Cj. Fail to make the playoffs and big change is probsbly in store.

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    Prior to the postseason* but good job. I知 proud of you, this is the first non troll post or thread I致e seen from you, please keep it up, especially now that you know I知 not the posters you were claiming I was. As for you post:

    1. I agree, this will be fun to watch.
    2. I知 not sure they値l give it to him but he痴 head and shoulders the best rookie in his class, if not for injury this race would致e been over after the first month of the season.
    3. Will be tough, who they match up with in the playoffs when it comes to seeding will be huge for them
    4. Not interested in this
    5. I think they値l be better, their schedule is cake.
    6. I think so, once he gets his groove they値l be dangerous
    7. I think they値l chalk this season up to injury and run it back next season. If the same result we could see a major move at the deadline
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