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Thread: nick young

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    nick young

    from reddit

    Fan sends Nick Young a Kobe shirt for free, he ends up blocking the fan and attempts to sell the shirt as his own

    so here is the full story

    A fan sent Swaggy P a Kobe shirt since he was a big fan, Nick Young ends up blocking the guy and makes a post on IG saying that the shirt will soon be available for sale (post has now been deleted). Here’s a link to the thread, he even shows proof of Swaggy P sending him his address. Nick Young also went ahead and took down the fans site where he was selling his merchandise.

    Here is the DMs

    This might be one of the more disgusting non law breaking things tbh.... even if the dude is hurting for money this is ****ed.

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    nick young responds

    "Everyone knows how much this has affected me as a whole and that this happens when I had good intentions with what I was doing every step of the way," the designer lamented. "I'm lost for words and I don't even know what to say and how to feel. S ** t really made me feel numb."

    Nick then responded on his Instagram. Although the designer said the profits would go to Kobe's organization, Nick accused the man of taking advantage of Kobe's death. He wrote: "Anyone who wins and supports people who try to make money with people who are no longer here, since they have no connection with him and only make money to be a jerk [100%], there is no place for that. " in this world."

    He added in another note: "I'm not here for people to try to make money with Kobe and if you support that it's ********. If you don't have any history with him and just do things to make money with him, it's a suction."

    On top of that, Nick accused the designer of seeking attention. "Brother, stop saying my name trying to be famous," he said in DMs.

    After the debacle, he promoted the "most hated Kobe shirt" in a new post on his personal Instagram page. This time, he added a note that the money would be donated to the Mambacita. He also published a receipt for his donation to the organization.

    But soon he eliminated the promotion once again.

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