Hot off his supporting role as Gabriel on the Walking Dead, Steve Stoute was hired as a Knick ambassador to the fans and players, for/opposed.

The move was applauded by Charles Oakley who said something nice about the Knicks for the first time since 2002.

But then something terrible happened. The MSG NYU intern mixed up the memos on the job description for Team President and Rebranding consultant/ambassador.

Leon Rose received this memo: Your job title encourages you to buy the most expensive Grey Goose for opposing players the night before a game. Give away court side tickets to anyone who you felt was snubbed by the Oscars, Stop & Frisk, and Billie Eilish. Here is the company credit card.

Steve Stoute received this memo: You officially run the Knicks. Do and say whatever you want, just get some superstars under contract...and always represent inclusivity.

The Following ensued:

The American Drake sounded like Crazy Eddie Antar as Max Kellerman & Stephen A. Smith motion for EMS to take this "not well" individual to Bellevue Psychiatric Unit.

Good hire, right?