I keep going back and forth regarding our draft. Much has to do with the unpredictability of Rosas. Also it has players that have something to offer but who is going to pan out? Well if I had the ability to know I would have a much more lucrative job.
But here is a plan A.

First pick: Onyeka Okongwu

Surprisingly for a team who looks to become a high volume three point shooting team, a non shooting big is the gear that this machine is missing IMO.

Okongwu covers our inefficiencies and offers this team BALANCE. Just to be clear the starting lineup that I am going to work with consists of Russell-Beasley-Johnson-Okongwo-Towns.

Let's start with the offense where most people would be wary of him. Our offense revolves around Russell and Towns, with Beasley getting what is left. Adding to that you have an added playmaker forward in Johnson with decent shooting to make things work smoother and offer enough options to not be predictable. Okongwu's role is that of a screen setter (in which he excelled), a cutter (needs a bit of work) and the offensive rebounder (vital when Towns thinks he is a guard).

In D things are more clear. It's very important to the balance I mentioned earlier to keep Johnson or replace him with another defensive "general". Because basically he would be running the show there, having two high energy defenders surrounding him. A wing (Beasley) and a big (Okongwu). Okongwu along with Johnson provide the interior D, strength and rebounding we missed. And in addition they are agile and quick enough to not be hindrances when facing modern offences.

The second first round pick

This is where I start getting a little hesitant. The players that stood out to me other than Okongwu are: Haliburton, Okoro, Vassell, Achiuwa and Bey.

But I think that it would be beneficial if we somehow acquire a pick in next years draft. If a package of our second round pick plus Culver is enough then things are easier. We replace Culver with a better fit, with our Brooklyn pick.
If the second round pick is not enough and the options we are looking for are already gone, then use this pick in a trade.

The second round pick

Should we keep this pick, which I doubt we will, it is high enough to get spillover from the first round. Players like Patrick Williams, Paul Reed, Jalen Smith, Pokusevski, Jah'mius Ramsey, etc may easily drop to us in that position.

P.s. I will repeat that my favourite player is Haliburton. I believe he fits us but that PF position is a big hole that needs to be filled.

P.s. 2. I have been back and forth regarding Okongwu vs Precious so many times, that's not even funny.