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    Quote Originally Posted by hugepatsfan View Post
    Well the problem is there really is no middle ground here. You canít simultaneous allow the possibility that Rudolph is a racist while also not tarnish his reputation. If youíre doing one then youíre doing the other.
    you are wrong. the middle ground is clear. I will not hold this against Rudolph but I also will not deem Garrett a Liar. I wish both guys would sit down and talk about it then move on. Its bad for the league and both players for this to drag on. But if they sit down and talk that's not only a learning lesson for them, but show young kids how these situation's should be handled.

    I believe someone could use that word out of anger and not be a full blown racist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metswon69 View Post
    This is asinine. If you're hung up on this type of stupidity then you're going to have find someone else to argue with. Clearly you have nothing better to do and i'm sorry for that because i'm aware the exact amount of days it would have taken to have happened exactly 4 months ago. My counting is a lot better than your reading comprehension.

    Bore me with more of your insults btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBA all the way View Post
    How adorable.

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    Looks like he didnít tell the Browns he was doing the ESPN interview.

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