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    The Betts pipe dream has been stomped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blams View Post
    I was actually thinking the Sox have a real shot to shock some people. If the season happens.

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    Then we win a way more shorten season tittle like the 81 Dodgers who haven't won one since. Beat theéeeeeee Yankees in the WS.

    I think only 40 games were lost in 81 because of a steike before all-star weekend, but the WS was cancel before And they should just play out with all teams until November making it a 90 game season.

    And 81 was also weird because the Brewers closer Rollie Fingers won the Cy Young and MVP in the AL.

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    Not going to lie, as a Cub fan I'm excited in general for the city of Chicago. Two contending teams in the city is good for everyone.

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    Spring Training 2.0 OVAH!!!!!

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    Someone needs to reign in Robert a bit defensively. He's superman out there. Just needs to be smart about things

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