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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Quote Originally Posted by brett05 View Post
    You say I am wrong and then right in the same response.
    The numbers are off, as much as 25%. That's overblown. That's the facts. The narrative would be those saying way more and those saying way less.
    Yes, because you are right in saying covid death count is inaccurate, you are wrong in saying over reported by 25%.

    You referred to it as a fact. It is not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brett05 View Post
    I insinuated nothing. We are speaking of the US and over reporting of COVID cases in the US. Are you really not able to stay on topic?
    You are espousing nonsense and Facebook conspiracy drivel as if it is peer reviewed science. Almost all actual credentialed experts in the field agree that Covid deaths in the US are almost certainly UNDER REPORTED. Just because you stick your fingers in your ears and say nah nah nah doesn't make it real. I will take the word of the Scientific American journal, medical experts and a global data analytics company before I listen to unsubstantiated right winged non-science. You guys tend to believe the earth is 6000 years old also. I'm sorry that was uncalled for. I retract that statement.

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