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    Quinton Dunbar to Redskins: Trade or release me

    So Dunbar goes from UDFA WR at the start of his career to potentially a #1 cornerback last year, and no one from the new regime with the Redskins has contacted him about his contract. Completely understandable why Dunbar would feel this way.

    Also keep in mind that, aside from Bruce Allen and chief legal officer/cap specialist Eric Schaeffer, no one was subtracted from the front office. Ron Rivera has been on the job since before the start of the new year, and has let a month and a half go by without anyone talking contract with arguably the team's best defender.

    Allen was a symptom of the disease. I'll let you guys figure out who the disease is.

    ASHBURN, Va., -- Washington Redskins starting cornerback Quinton Dunbar, dissatisfied with his contract, has requested to be traded or released, a source told ESPN Monday night.

    Dunbar, 27, has one year left on his contract, with a base salary of $3.25 million -- none of which is guaranteed. He also has a roster bonus worth up to $250,000. Dunbar had talked with the previous administration about an extension, but a source said there had been no contact with the Redskins since head coach Ron Rivera was hired after the season.

    If the Redskins don't honor his request, and no extension is signed before training camp, the source said Dunbar would play out his final season and sign elsewhere.

    Dunbar won't participate in spring OTA workouts, the source confirmed. His desire to skip those voluntary sessions was first reported by NBC Sports Washington. Dunbar's contract, plus Reuben Foster's injury, played into that decision. Foster tore multiple ligaments and suffered nerve damage on the first day of OTA work last spring. There's still uncertainty about when Foster will return.

    Dunbar spoke with a member of the Redskins' administration Monday evening.

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    Seems like no other franchise in the league makes their players feel like they're just here to create a product as much as the Redskins do.

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    redskins should call his bluff... see what happens.. they arent winning anyhow no reason to trade guys for 10 cents on the dollar... **** it. Sick of players trying to dictate where they want to go while making bank... gtfo

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    He's yet to have played the position 60 games....his 4 picks last year doubled his career total....and he expects to get paid like a top corner in the league? Obviously, I don't know what his ask is and maybe he's justified in wanting more than 3mil.....but he's not worthy of top tier pay
    gotta love 'referential' treatment

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