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    Jul 2010
    It had a good run.
    Bachelors III . . . In the Inn. . . Lanas Garage 4/18/75 . . . lpswitch with Snake, Hards and Mendy . . .B.D.W.B. . . Ambition: I want Dooleys Job . . . Saturday Night Live . . . Bathroom Brawls . . . Living at Snakes . . . WHERE IS MUSKY. - John Tortorella

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    Jan 2007
    Damn it Battlehawks.

    End of Season Stats
    .542AVG/.562OBP/.889SLG/1.451OPS/21RBIs/3Dingers(1 grand slam)
    Selected to All-Conference Team
    Selected First Team All-District Team
    Selected First Team All-Region Team
    Verbal Commitment to State Fair Community College

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Damn it Battlehawks.
    Hey! 1-1 on a two game road trip is not bad

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    Feb 2005
    South Dakota
    PJ Walker, Cam Phillips, Nelson Spruce, and Nick Hollie....all appear to be showing they should get another NFL shot this year......I know there's others, those are the ones that have stuck out to me but I've only watched parts of 2-3 games

    ...some of the refs, however, are showing they should be do you watch a QB tackled, dropped to his elbow, roll over on his head and shoulder, get up and throw a complete pass...and not only not call him down before the pass but watch it in slo-mo and STILL take awhile to overturn the call...
    gotta love 'referential' treatment

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