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He could of had a monster signing bonus in his bank account. What if thereís no season? Thereís still a chance he plays on the 31 million tag next year. ( not likely ).
What if he becomes a free agent next year and the cap does get slashed? No one will have money for him.
Not saying these outcomes are likely but heís taking on a lot of risk.
He could also get hurt.
Itís a 100% chance he plays under the tag this season. He canít negotiate until after the season is over now.

With that being the case, Iíll say it again, he will not be the Cowboys QB in 2021. At least not for the whole season. Letís say they win the NFC East and even win a 1st round playoff game. Then, like before they lose in the second round. Is he worth $40M a season at that point? Would you give him that much?

In my opinion Dalton could do the same thing with this team (lose in the 1st or 2nd round), only do it for $16M a season. They should draft a QB in the first or second round and allow the ďQB whisperĒ they signed to coach the team earn his money.

You either let Dak walk after the season or franchise him again and trade him (Jacksonville or Chicago are the best destinations).

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