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    Quote Originally Posted by RowBTrice View Post
    Just to add a little color to my post above, I’m not advocating for prior NXT title reigns to suddenly be counted as overall world title reigns. I was more interested in if/when they make that transition. Like now that NXT is an official 3rd brand and an “equal”, does this Rhea title run count as her first official world title run? Or did Bazler’s run come in time to be counted? Or when does that clock officially start for the NXT champions to be counted as world championships for their career records? Both men’s and women’s really....

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    I mean technically speaking they never have to do it. Its still not considered part of the main roster even after the move to Wednesday on USA and all the brand building they have done. Its completely arbitrary. When Vince wants to make it more significant, he'll have Michael Cole or Tom Phillips speak it into existence. It's really his call.

    It could be as simple as having Charlotte win at Wrestlemania and have her say she's 12 time women's champion, when she's only won 10 titles on the main roster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post
    i dont get why you and others get annoyed with too much becky/charlotte etc but then say omg austin/rock etc are goats...if you are the tops of the division you are going to be the top of the divison.. charlotte is the best woman heel ever and she is the best in the ring ever... becky is the most over.... what can wwe do? it would be stupid to go away from 1 female that is must see and the other that has 5 star matches after 5 star matches.
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